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Mail order brides services: What are those and who are they for

There comes a time in any man's life where the natural pull to settle down, find the one, and start a family, starts manifesting. It is an entirely normal and natural feeling that is in the base of evolution. Long ago before we had modern cities or even the concept of marriage men looked for partners. We are speaking about the ancient men that lived long ago; life was very different back then, but the dreams and goals of All Mankind have always been identical. Succeed, be happy and meet someone who shares the same goals as you. It was a lot more difficult for men to find Partners in that day and age. Even if they'd point someone out, there was no guarantee that that someone would be right for them.

Traveling back to the present day and age we have many options to find partners, but the search hasn't gotten much easier. Humanity is split among thousands and thousands of feet of land and water. We speak different languages. We have different customs. We are so pulled by our ambition and goals that even if we met a hundred people, it could turn out that out of those hundred, zero would be a right fit for us. That's why we have invented online dating, social mixers, and online schools on how men can meet the right woman. But attending online seminars can't always help you find the love of your life. Going outside and trying to meet someone will not guarantee that someone will be good for you. Online dating can be expensive, frustrating, and sometimes dangerous. There are so many online platforms that guarantee that you will meet someone within 24 hours but the truth is, nobody can guarantee such a thing. Online dating services are constantly misrepresenting themselves and giving you false hope to take your money.

Mail order brides: a new alternative

There is, however, an alternative to online dating that has been proven to work. Mail order bride services. This new type of service matches eligible men with lovely and eligible women from all across the world. Unlike online dating, mail order brides services use specific matching based on your criteria, interests, global location, age, and status, in an attempt to find your perfect match.

You see it's against our nature to be lonely. Unfortunately, today's society hurts more than it actually helps. Yes, we do have a lot of opportunities for personal advancement, finding a career but ever more people start to doubt the validity of true love. Living a life of disappointment in pursuit of True Love can leave one scarred. The question on everybody's mind is: if love is such a virtue that brings so much happiness as is described in books, then why does it leave us miserable and unhappy? The answers are multiple; unfortunately, none of them are simple.

The simplest answer can be that we are just too busy and focused on our own self-development that we stop thinking about family and love. This is particularly true for men aged 30 and above. These men put priorities into self-realization and only later in life do they realize that they are missing something very vital. Another answer could be that we have just been hurt too much.

Mail order bride services offer more than just matchmaking. On such websites, you will find literature and articles on how to attract and locate your perfect match. The policy of mail-order brides services is to locate someone that is right for you no matter where they are. For example, if you are living in New York but your perfect someone is in Russia, it would be impossible for you to drop your entire life just to be with them. There is no way that you can be sure that is the one for you, so how can you be expected to make that giant leap?

Moreover, people split by geographical location have different values, family backgrounds, traditions, and language. A single person cannot always understand all the obstacles if your true partner is located in a foreign country. Using the mail order bride services, you'll be taught how to attract and keep women who are family oriented despite their background. Expect to see articles and literature on these subjects:

  1. How to overcome the language barrier? Should not speaking the same language stop one from finding true love?
  2. What are the ten steps to recognizing your true love?
  3. How to safely matchmake with women online?
  4. How to overcome traditional differences if a woman has a different cultural background?
  5. Does body language work? How to emanate confidence and happiness.

Besides articles, most mail order bride services offer weekly newsletters with tips and studies on current trends and scientific breakthroughs in the field of Dating.

Another thing you might expect to see on such websites are testimonials of those users who have already found the one. There are pictures of happy families and their true stories of how they met and fell in love. By showing you pictures and stories, a mail-order brides service shows you that love is possible despite all odds.

The basics of mail order brides services

To ease your curiosity and mistrust, here are some statistics about various mail order bride services: over 99% of all men eventually find a woman to marry. This figure might seem high to you, but it is accurate and verified. You see, so many available women are searching for a meaningful family relationship. The problem is how do you find someone who wants to get married and someone that is right for you? The answer is, you can't - on your own. Most professional mail order bride services offer special tools that allow you, the customer, to navigate between thousands of matches.

Mail order brides services database

Professional mail order bride services have a vast database of potential marriage candidates. Women who are keen on finding a husband and setting down with a loving family will subscribe to these services. A strict background check is performed on every new profile. Women are required to provide a valid ID; this ID needs to be current and valid in the country of origin. Apart from an ID, new profiles need to show a bank statement and a utility bill for the past three months (at least).

The verification process requires women to make a live phone call so that the company can determine whether the application is valid or not. Real mail-order bride services take security very seriously. They make sure that selection process is fair and straightforward; the reason there are so many steps to follow is that if there is a mistake not only will the company be hurt but also its clients (in this case you).

Evolution of mail order brides services

Using professional matchmakers has been growing in popularity all over the world for a few years now. It's not a new service; as a matter of fact, matchmakers have been a thing since ancient times. In ancient China, families would hire matchmaker for their daughters to find them a suitable match that would be right for them and for the family. Around 15th century in Slavic countries, it was common to form a husband Bazaar. Young women who would like to get married went there with their families. Boys would stand on a wooden pedestal with their fathers as young women with their fathers walked around and compared them.

Matchmaking services today follow the same principle - based on your and their criteria, services try to match you as perfectly as possible. Both sides upload pictures and answer questionnaires as well as take several other tests to determine a good match.These days matchmaking services like mail order brides have powerful algorithms developed by top scientists and computer majors. These algorithms cross-reference information online and information gathered by reliable sources to meet and match potential candidates together.

So you see, your mistrust of such services is based purely on misinformation of the general public. If you still have doubts, here is some more information, just some basic facts, to get you started:

  1. No respectable and professional mail order brides service will give a 100% guarantee that you will meet your perfect match. Websites and services that guarantee that you will meet someone in a given period of time and that you will live happily ever after are fake. Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee anything in this life; especially when talking about such a complicated thing as love. To distinguish between a real and fake mail order brides service, look for the FAQ or About US sections of their website. Closer attention to their promises and services will tell you whether they are legit or not.
  2. Any girl or woman who is searching to find a suitable lover and husband will verify her profile on a website. The verification process can take from one week to a few months to ensure the validity of all the documents. Security is of the utmost importance.
  3. Every mail-order brides service is interested in uniting a man and a woman separated by geographical location. The fee they charge covers all the expenses, including document verification and site maintenance. Keep an open mind when (or if) you come across a higher than average fee; these fees are important and set so the service can keep on functioning. These services won't be possible, and the companies wouldn't exist without the donations of customers like yourself. Ask yourself this; how much is happily ever after worth to you? Different services cost a different amount of money. Numerous factors shape the cost of each service, so don't be surprised or intimidated. Most professional mail order bride services offer email and chat support. If you ever feel confused or overwhelmed by the price or the variety of services that they offer, send them a message. As a rule, you can find this information on their contact page.
  4. We know how difficult it is to meet new people. Going out, talking, and socializing can be fun, but it's also expensive and can lead to heartache. Making yourself vulnerable and opening up to people we don't know is exceptionally hard. Mail order brides website offer a chance to save yourself a world of heartache.

Values of mail order bride services

With the utmost certainty, happiness is the only thing mail-order bridal services are after. User satisfaction and uniting two people in sacred marriage is the only thing these services are after, besides a modest pay.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of people who work for such services are sometimes customers as well. At the very least, people who know the value of love open can relate to your life and loneliness. They also understand how it feels when you cannot meet the right partner just because she lives far from your home country. That is an encouraging thought. It's always good to know when you are more than just another client. The real professional services will put your needs ahead of monetary gain. That is the way it should be, and that is the way it is.

Final words on mail-order bridal services

Take your time and pick the service that's right for you. There are many (too many, perhaps) fake companies out there whose aim is to exploit and take your money. Read reviews like this one or talk to someone you know who has used such a service in the past. When looking for a website, make sure you don't just look for the shiny appearance; read all the articles, look for the sections, the different memberships, and offers. If you do that, chances of you being scammed are very low.

A final word: Love is the most important power in the world. To Live Without Love (even with success, money, and power) is only a delusion. Be smart and look for your one and only.

Top 5 Mail Order Bride Facts
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