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The tips for mail ordering Russian brides

There is something incredibly attractive about Russian girls, which makes them irresistible to most men. Numerous travelers have busted the negative rumors and stereotypes about Russian people. But this escalating in the media adds some atmosphere of a taboo to beautiful Russian brides. They seem difficult to reach and in desperate need to be saved or, in contrast, heartless con artists who want to strip you penniless. Both are far from the truth about Russian mail order brides. They do have their reasons to sign up dating platforms, but these aren’t that different from yours: seeking true love and a reliable partner. Here, we’re going to reveal all that makes these gorgeous women search for husbands abroad and discuss all the benefits of marrying them. Dating a Russian woman is no longer an unrealistic dream. You can meet Russian brides online, which is a safe and effective way to find your happiness for life.

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The particular benefits of dating women from Russia

On any dating site, you will spot a common thing of all Russian brides — they all look marvelous. Of course, a skeptic would explain it with a perfect job of professional photographers working for the agency. But if you meet Russian women in Moscow, New York, London, Paris, Sydney, or anywhere else — you will see that too. No matter where she lives and how much money she makes, she will do her best to be stunning. It doesn’t even matter whether a woman is married or not. If you think that ladies from Russia only try hard to win a better husband, you couldn’t be more wrong. They don’t wear perfect makeup, choose stylish outfits, or keep fit for men or out of mere rivalry. This is just a part of their identity. And, if you choose one of them, you are to spend the rest of your life with a beautiful woman taking care of herself.

But they are not only about looks. They are as charming and stylish as they are dedicated and resourceful. They care a lot about creating families and keeping them together. And they share the values long lost by most young girls in the West. For example, they are very feminine and believe in traditional gender roles in a marriage.

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Primary reasons to be Russian mail order brides

If you have ever googled driven by the question ‘Do Russian women make good wives?’, the search results might have puzzled you. The answers are affirmative in their overwhelming majority, so why on earth these women are forced to search for husbands online? Each of them must have numerous gentlemen fighting to win her heart. Some of these men come from Russia (obviously, because they are closer.) Others are some Arabic princes who met this girl and fell for her forever. There also should be some American businessmen and British lords. Why wouldn’t she choose from these ‘real,’ wealthy, noble people? The picture might be exaggerated as it is. Besides, it only works for celebrities and women who go on international work trips a lot. Other women from Russia work in their hometowns. And even if one of these princes or lords happens to visit this place, he will not meet her as she is too busy. Just like all today’s people, Russian women brides don’t have much spare time to date even locals. This and other factors shape their reasons to join mail order Russian brides sites which are:

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Single Russian women work or get a degree

As we have said, beautiful Russian women work a lot to find their place in life and be able to provide for herself, at least. This tendency is rooted in the country’s history. Long before gender equality became a matter of concern in modern society, it was present in the USSR. This was caused by the massive decrease of the male population during the First and, especially, the Second World Wars. Women had to go and work, first, to the factories manufacturing all that the country needed at the time — from groceries to military assets. Someone had to teach children, — these were women too, of course. Some women fought in the wars, side by side with men, others stayed on the home front, rebuilding what was wrecked. Back then, there was no difference between men and women at the workplace, at schools, or on the battlefield.

Today, this approach to sexes persists, which is both fortunate and unfortunate to Russian women. Fortunately, they almost don’t need to put a lot of effort into the feminist movement because, as employees, they enjoy the same rights as men do. Besides, they have a powerful example of sacrifice and hard work set by their great- and grandmothers. On the other hand, they have to struggle as much as men to become professionals, first studying at university and then, acquiring valuable experience. What can be more devastating for their personal lives? So, the number of Russian women for marriage online is easy to explain: They don’t have a spare minute to date in real life.

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Women from Russia are curious about other countries

Those who start dating online understand that there are no limits for them now. That is why local sites would never suffice to single Russian women. It doesn’t mean they are hunting after the princes we’ve described. But they would gladly give a chance to a gentleman from a distant land, with a different background.

A lot of these women want to find out more about some particular country they have been dreaming about. Many cultures have been popularized in Russia through television. The USA was a real fascination in the early 1990s when everything American (from jeans and Coke to the lifestyle and prosperity) became wanted. This interest is still present today. However, the competition increased. The Latin American countries, like Mexico and Argentina, became ladies’ place of interest because of colorful soap operas. These areas were followed by Arabic countries — for the same reason. And of course, every country in the world have a part of the population who would love to see and live in good old Europe. Music, books, and the internet contribute to these trends daily and create temptations that can hardly be satisfied with traveling. Although they do travel and learn more about the cultures they are interested in, ladies from the Russian brides club also dream about marrying a man from ‘somewhere out there.’

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Where to seek Russian beauties

When you make up your mind to get yourself one of the gorgeous Russian wives, you need to select a platform to sign up. There are plenty of options, which one can easily see by performing a simple Google search. The sheer amount is a good thing, of course, since you can find an offer that suits you best. At the same time, it can confuse an inexperienced user. We are going to teach you how to avoid mistakes while choosing a dating website.

There are three main types of dating platforms you will come across:

  • those offering assistance in landing a quick hookup. This is hardly your option. Most of such platforms are location-based, so even if you come across some lovely ladies of Russian descent, your choice will be quite limited because they all live nearby. Some sites and apps for mingling allow you to change the location so that you could date Russian women if, say, you are planning to visit their hometown soon. But anyway, most female users here are not ready for a serious commitment and are searching for a one-time affair. This increases your chances of being bailed, by the way. Not all women show up when you try to arrange a meeting with the help of such services. Of course, sometimes hookups can grow into something bigger and some people do manage to find their one and only on these sites, but the percentage of such cases is tiny.
  • major international platforms that cater to both males and females from all over the world. The choice the users get on those is not narrowed down to potential partners belonging to a particular culture. This feature is shared with the sites we have discussed earlier. The difference is that the primary reason why people are here is marriage, usually an international one. There are certain advantages such platforms have. First, since they have millions of users, they are usually well off. This allows them to invest in the security of their clients and topnotch services. They can also belong to the market’s biggest player, which adds to their credibility. Secondly, you, like many other men, might be interested in hot Russian brides as well as those from other countries. The overwhelming majority of platforms of any kind allow you to get in touch with as many women as you want. So, you can write to women from all spots on the planet simultaneously until you feel that it genuinely clicks. Importantly, a lot of such platforms employ matchmaking algorithms. You will get suggested several women who match you perfectly every day, and this is an undeniable bonus. Furthermore, you are free to use filters to get notified only about Russian beauties, for example. Besides the place of origin, you can select the desired age, height, hair color, etc. But this is possible on any other site, too.


  • Russian mail order brides websites. Numerous platforms represent this specific niche. You have probably remembered many of them while googling, those that often have the word ‘Russian’ in their names or a well-known female name common in the Slavic world. Here, you will find women who don’t only come from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and some more countries in the region, but also live there. Thus, if you are seeking a woman with all the set of advantages of Russian mail order wives, you can be sure to find a ‘real’ one. This will not be a girl who lives in your city, while these were her grandparents who immigrated decades ago. Besides, the place of residence these platforms also double check women’s marital status and all the other essential info. The photos you will see here are nothing like those on Instagram or Facebook. The site usually works with a local dating agency that pays professional photographers for single girls’ pictures. This agency can also provide a translator (a real person, not an automated translation you can find on the sites from the previous groups) to help you and your bride-to-be. Thus, these platforms offer particular perks, which make them a number-one choice for you.
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How to succeed with hot Russian brides online

Your initial tools for searching a lady who is right for you are, as mentioned, matchmaking and filters. Alternatively, some men like to search for profiles randomly hoping to fall in love at first sight. This is an illusion, of course, because there is no such thing in online dating. People usually need at least several months to feel safe and meet each other in person, not to mention think of an actual marriage. However, searching for ladies this way may add some excitement to the process.

But no matter how you choose to search for Russian women online, it is equally important to let them find you. Women often initiate communication on dating platforms because they have a particular goal and don’t want to waste time. To make sure you get found by the right girl, you need to put some time into building a winning profile. Upload some photos that show you from the best side. Unlike the women’s ones, these don’t need to be professional photo shoots, but your face should be clearly visible. Add the information required, like age and appearance. You can tell more about yourself to be more exciting for potential matches. Don’t try to buy a Russian bride with bragging. But — never leave your profile empty. This will not only put you on the very bottom of search results but will also make you a potential target for all the sorts of scammers. A woman who tries to contact you persistently and talk about something personal when you haven’t entered anything about yourself is most likely ill-intended. In many cases, this profile is fake and has nothing to do with a charming lady in the photo.

Indeed, one needs being reasonably cautious while using such websites. But there is no need to be overprotective here. After all, we are used to online banking, shopping, and tutorials. We even don’t mind sharing personal information about ourselves and our families on social media. But so many people can’t but be prejudiced about online dating. For many internet users, it seems like a kind of extreme sports, as if no one in their right mind would do it. The truth is that today’s market of dating services is as safe as the Web itself, no more and no less. Knowing the guidelines for using these services will be enough to stay safe while searching for hot Russian women online.

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