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Facts about Indian mail order brides everyone should know

In your search for outstanding women (which are great enough to marry you), not every man of the West succeeds. Often, there is no definite result of the search – for various reasons (you do not seem good enough for a future wife or for her parents; you do not look too handsome for local women or you simply don’t have time to arrange all those dates offline, which require a lot of efforts and – most importantly – money from you). A perfect way out is Indian mail order brides: they are good-looking, with low demands, consider white men nearly gods, and they are ready to run the house or an apartment completely by themselves. Also, they originate from the nation that invented Kama Sutra. But they also have many remarkable traits in addition – and we are going to consider them below.

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Interesting facts about Indian women

  1. Happiness and the absence of Freudian guilt. People in India try to stay positive and resilient no matter what. It is hard to be down-mood in such a vastly populated country as theirs (as it is hard to thrive and live without a positive look at everything that is around them). This indigenous positivity in your future wife will help her a lot when she moves to a new country to start her life from scratch in a new place. Also, when you will have some family troubles, the same positivity shall help you overcome them for good.
  2. The encyclopedia of sexuality originated in India (Kama Sutra). That means the nation, from which your future spouse originates is very prone to physical love. You will be experiencing much more than you would with a wife not from India and especially if having a wife from the West (as Western girls of the 21st century tend to seek much lesser sex than their grandmothers did in their young age). Sex with best Indian brides can be frequent, passionate, include exploration of your bodies and mutual sexuality, and last long. This is one of the most profitable things why men from the West seek hot Indian brides.
  3. Hospitality is something inherent to the people of India. Not so vivid in bigger cities but more – in small villages, people are ready to drop their chores to help a stranger or offer him tea. But beware while in India: they cherish and respect men much more than Indian brides for marriage. Traveling alone there being a woman is dangerous in all senses. But completely safe for a man or a couple consisting of a man and woman. So worry not when you go to India in search of your future wife when you’re a man. You can find out a lot of Indians offer foreigners to have a tea, coffee, meal, or visit their house when a foreigner goes out of the cocoon of the organized travel tours (sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed by those offers). In India, a guest is cherished as high as a god – but many say that this is relevant only for men, not for women. This can be one of the reasons why sexy Indian women try to escape from their native land.
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Why Indian ladies are great for marriage

  1. It really does not that much about money for Indian brides online when they are looking for a person from abroad. More than money and good living conditions, they cherish titles. Oh, they simply adore titles! Measuring and comparing them to other people’s titles and constantly bragging about the title of her husband is a beloved thing for any Indian girl. If you earn like, 60 k per year only but you have a resound title like ‘The Vice-President of Compliance in Commerce’ (even if your firm only has 40 people and that post actually means that you verify the form of contracts for sales department to correspond with your company’s bureaucratic procedures), she is going to literally flow about your importance. The bigger title you have – the bigger are the chances that you will be hooked up by some attractive Indian online or offline and that she sticks to you for good like a piece of sticky tape. Surely, a wife from India could talk about herself as well if she had a title, but since you are going to find one on the Indian women dating site, it means that she does not have such titles and importance and does strive to receive it from you.
  2. Under-education. India is one of the least educated countries. Only 73% of men can read and write at the age of 15 and over, with devastatingly small 48% of women of the same age doing it. Consider a dating site some kind of a social filter – to use it (to register there and meet people online), a girl must be literal enough and have access to PC/smartphone and the Internet. So, at least well-educated Indian women are going to be on your way when you start contacting women through English-language dating sites (this is of high importance, as otherwise, you will not be able to understand each other and it will be devastatingly hard for her to socialize in your country).
  3. The people’s way of treating health is more important than what doctors say. Certainly, nobody denies the need for doctoral intervention when it comes to serious things. But before even getting to the doctor’s office, your Indian wife will try to treat you (and your children) with honey, turmeric, vaseline, ginger, and other things. You visit a doctor if any of these actually work. We must admit – some of her applications do work for real. This is another point to save your money (especially when your health insurance is not that fancy).
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More facts about Indian women

  • Pretty much nothing is taken seriously. That may irritate you but you should eventually understand that this way is a simpler way of living – for everyone. Like adolescents do not yet understand that losing their first GF or BF is not the end of the world, people of the West are often too focused on achieving things. They worry too much about power, money, public image, and a ton of other things, without which a lot of other nations exist nicely enough as they live relaxed and with positivity. Even if you cannot tolerate many too languid outlooks of Indians at things around you, losing some tension about secondary things is actually helpful and should bring you more buzz from living. Some things just happen and you should not take them too seriously even if they are bad. Moving on should eventually happen, you cannot stay focused on bad things all the time, as your life will pass by like this. Do not prevent yourself from living. Unlike Indians, who know about rebirth and achievements in the future life, you only have one life, so make it easier and you won’t burn out.
  • There are many regional differences in India. Your beloved wife may have completely differing views, religion, and appearance if she lives in the West, that if she lived in the North of India. And these may totally differ from what you expect to see in her. From the point of view of Indians, a lot of other Indians are foreigners on their land, and there is much hate inside of this largely non-homogenous country. That is when you expect your Indian mail order bride to cook, look, and smell like, when actually meet her, she can be absolutely different from what you expected to see. And she can tell you bad things about other Indian people. So, a wise piece of advice: before even thinking of marrying an Indian girl, you should look pretty closely at her and date with her for some time in order to know her better personally and physically.
  • Indians are very influenced by richer Western countries. So, as your Indian mail order bride is likely to raise in a country with a primary orientation at the western values and goals, she will feel it very easy to assimilate in your country mentally and financially. Even if she is mostly seen in the role of a housewife in your family, integrating into a new society is still important. You may expect her to integrate faster than potential wives from other countries – like Pakistan, Thailand, or Haiti, for instance.
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Advantages of an Indian wife

  1. Every mom in India loves own child with super love. At any age, she will consider him or her to be a small kid, who requires to be guided and loved. Her love only dies with her death. That high degree of self-devotion you are going to see in every Indian mail order bride.
  2. She always has a nice piece of advice to give to others – relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues… Sometimes, it is irritating. Sometimes, people adore her for being so advice-full. You’ll get used to it.
  3. She supports cricket – at any place, any time. No matter what she likes else – cricket is always in her heart. Cricket is just something people in India cannot live without. And even the smallest child in India will tell you what are the popping crease, umpire, or wickets. So don’t confuse the notions of bowling crease and return crease if you don’t want your Indian mail order bride to get mad and your goal is to live with her happily ever after.
  4. You literally can be her savior – in India, it is pretty hard to live when you’re a woman. So when you pick and take some pretty muzzle out of the streets of a city, town, or village in India, she definitely comes to a better fate. And her gratitude will be seen and felt by you – during long, long years to come that you are going to live in a happy marriage.
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Meet an Indian bride on a reliable dating site

Let’s now consider the best Indian dating websites that are sure straightway to your happiness.

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The hot list of Indian dating sites

  3. Indian brides agency
  4. to find a legal single lonely woman to be your match.

On those websites, you can meet from several hundred to several thousand Indian women online at a time that wanna marry a good white man from some Western country (ones from North America, the UK, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand). If you cannot compete with local men for some reason, being white and having a normal job in a wealthy country is already a major head start for no cost!

On average, 8.5 stars out of 10 is the user rating that regular people give to the sites. They estimate it based on various traits – like the convenience and ease of the registration, making search, starting contact with hot Indian women, seeing their profiles, and other essentials (those that make you want to interact with a site, not resort to another).


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Famous Indian women

To let you know that not only men rule India entirely, let’s have a brief overview of famous beautiful Indian women. Obviously, everyone knows about Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India – and one of the greatest women in the world. So let’s not stop on her but talk about others:

  • Justice Anna Chandy (the first Indian female judge)
  • Kalpana Chawla (first Indian woman astronaut)
  • Mother Teresa (yes, she was from India). Her real name is Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu
  • Ahilyabai Holkar (Queen of Malwa – known for being an ‘ideal ruler’)
  • Amrita Sher-Gil (a famous painter, a pioneer of modern art of India; and she had a model look herself; partly Hungarian; she had really good paintings focusing on realism)
  • Anasuya Sarabhai (a trade union leader) who lived nearly 80 years. Even Google recalls her with a doodle on the main page.
  • Aruna Asaf Ali (freedom fighter), a great politician with great stories happened throughout her life.
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Conclusion about Indian brides

Indian brides for sale are wonderful for those men who wish to create a large family and have a nice-looking exotic wife by their side for long years. A regular female from India is devoted, loyal, loving, and caring – that’s exactly what you need. Also, she is great at house chores and cooking. Picking one is a profitable solution for unmarried men of the West. 

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